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Sunday, February 8, 2015

JR Tryouts Continue Next Weekend February 14

Jr HS School Tryouts phase one came to an end yesterday. The turn out was the best we've had, 43 girls showed up and worked hard with big dreams. Due to LHSAA rules we had several girls that could not attend, but they will be back on the floor in early March. As of today we have 49 girls registered to play at the Jr HS level. It appears that we will have possibly have 5 Jr HS teams this year. If we can get a few more 4th and 5th graders we my have our first true 5th grade team this year.

It's not to late to join, Phase two begins next Saturday February 14th. So tell everyone there's still time. Let's go Ladies Dream Big and Work Hard.
For more information click here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

JR High Try Outs Begin This Weekend

JR HS Tryouts start this Weekend
GRADES 5, 6, 7, & 8 (4th grade by evaluation only)
Feb 7 & 14, 2015

Westside Jr High School
12615 Burgess Avenue
Walker, LA 70785

Registration Begins at 8:30 am
Tryouts From 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
For more information click here

This weekend starts the 2015 season with our annual JR HS try outs. All girls in grade 5 thru 8 are invited. This year we are taking two weeks to try out. So please be at both. It will be to your advantage.

This years coaching staff for the Jr HS grades are

  • 8th Grade- Daniel Martin & Gene Smith
  • 7th Grade- Korey Arnold
  • 6th Grade- Tina McMorris
  • Jr High developmental team- Brent Mcmorris
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Skills and Fundamental Clinics Begin This Weekend

Our annual skills and fundamental clinics season begins this Saturday. These clinics are designed with the "Complete Player" approach. We believe in more than just "Post" and "Perimeter" players, we believe in the "Complete Player". We want all of our players to be able to handle the ball, pass, cut, post up, drive and shoot. We teach the complete offensive skill set to our players.

The clinics will be held at various sites through out Livingston parish. This weeks first session will be at Westside Jr High on Burgess Rd in Walker. It will begin at 9:00 am with sign ups and registration and since it is the first one of this clinic season it will last til about 11:30 or 12:00 noon. Usually our clinics only last about an hour and a half, but due to key concepts that must be learned for the progression of our drills the first one is always long.

The cost is $75 for all Livingston Ladies Players and $100 for all non-Livingston Ladies players per month. The Clinic season runs from November 8th through the end of January. That is a total of 11 clinics starting this Saturday; three in November and December with five in January. That is an avg of $22.50 a session for Ladies players and $27.30 a session for non- Ladies players, not a bad deal.

For more information click on the "Clinics" tab above or contact Coach Bill Sibley at

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Day Approaching

Saturday August 23 is the absolute last day we will accept any players for our Fall League. Anyone that shows up after Saturday August 23 will not be allowed to play. Don't be left out! Hurry!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The 2014 Fall league will begin Saturday August 9th at Westside Jr HS on Burgess Road in Walker. This league is for all middle and Jr High school girls in grades 5-8 (4th graders are accepted by evaluation only) for the upcoming 2014-15 school year.

We are in our 5th Fall season in conjunction the Northshore Titans. It has been a great collaborated effort between our two programs. This is a weekend only league that will last til October 25th. It is an instructional yet competitive league designed to teach kids how to play the game, not just play in a game, getting the girls ready for their upcoming Jr High and Middle school seasons

Here is what you get in just in just Twelve Short weeks.
  • 1- Try out and Evaluation Clinic
  • 12- 2 Hour Practice Sessions
  • 4- 2 hour Fundamental Clinics
  • A Minimum of 8 Fall League Games
  • A Livingston Ladies T-Shirt
  • Bottled Water and a Sports Drink for every Game
  • Quality Coaching. All of our Head Coaches are previous or current High School coaches 
  • And most importantly, ready for the upcoming Jr HS Season
That is a total of at least 35 hours of instruction and 8 games for the low price of - $150. That's less than $5 a session not including games!

If you or someone you know is interested in taking part in our fall league follow this link to get more information.
For more information click here

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Today it Begins

The Livingston Ladies 2018 team begins play today at the AAU Super Showcase. This is the first day of what will be a busy week for these young ladies. The Ladies will play the the 2014 Super Showcase and then fall right into the AAU DII National Tournament. These young ladies will play between 8 and 12 games over the next 7 days, competing against some of the best teams from across the nation. It is going to be a fast paced week of basketball. Good Luck Ladies.

Sunday July 6th- Super Showcase
  • 10:40 am  Ct 24 Orlando Yellow Jackets vs Livingston Ladies  
  • 6:40 pm    Ct 19 Georgia Metros vs Livingston Ladies
Monday July 7th- Super Showcase
  • 8:00 am    Ct 9 Livingston Ladies vs Havoc City
Tuesday July 8th- Super Showcase
Tuesday July 8th- National Tournament
  • 2:40 pm     Ct 19 Livingston Ladies vs MPC Blue Fire
  • 6:40 pm     Ct 11 Livingston Ladies vs FGB Lightning
Wednesday July 9th- National Tournament
  • 8:00 am      Ct 6 Stamford Peace vs Livingston Ladies
  • 1:20 pm      Ct 3 Livingston Ladies vs Indy Shock
Thursday July 10th- National Tournament
Friday July 11th - National Tournament
Saturday JULY 11th- National Tournament

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

2014 Invitational Schedule

2014 Invitational Schedule
Ponchatoula Recreation Center 
19030 Ponchatoula Parks Dr.,
Ponchatoula, La., 70454
Gym Opens at 7:30 am

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kenner Angels Invitational this Weekend

Five of the Ladies 6 teams will travel to Metarie this weekend for the Annual Kenner Angel Invitational. last week the Ladies had teams in Pensacola and Dallas. It feels good to be home and play just down the road. Good luck Ladies!

Here is this weeks Schedule

Saturday May 3rd
Country Day HS

2:00    Court 2         Angels 6th vs Ladies- Smith

6:00    Court 2         Dominos 10th vs Ladies- Sibley

7:00    Court 1         Dominos 6th vs Ladies- Smith

8:00    Court 2         Baton Rouge 10th vs Ladies Sibley

Sunday May 4th
Country Day HS

11:00   Court 2         BR Lady Eagles 8th vs Ladies- Martin

12:00   Court 1         Ladies- McMorris vs Baton Rouge Tigers 6th

1:00    Court 1         Ladies- MacKay vs           Dominos 11th

2:00    Court 2         Baton Rouge 6th vs           Ladies Martin 7th

3:00    Court 1         Angels 11th vs Ladies- MacKay

4:00    Court 1         Angels 7th vs   Ladies- Martin

4:00    Court 2         BR Lady Tigers 7th vs Ladies- McMorris 

5:00    Court 1         Flight 11th vs Ladies- MacKay

Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Day           Time        Home Team             vs        Visitor                  Location
Saturday       9:10      OK Lady Heat                    vs     Ladies 2015 MacKay       FL 15 Staley
Saturday       10:20    Mansfield Bruins                vs     Ladies 2016 Sibley           FL 11 Cobb
Saturday       11:30    Ladies 2018 Kuhn               vs     Lee Green BBall HS         FL 28 AHS
Saturday       12:40    Ladies 2016 Sibley             vs      HG Elite Orange Adams FL 7 FH USA
Saturday       4:10      Warriors                             vs      Ladies 2018 Kuhn            FL 29 AHS
Saturday       5:20      Texas Express Brook        vs      Ladies 2015 MacKay  FL 34 Webster           
Saturday       8:50      Ladies 2015 MacKay        vs      Houston Insiders Blue     FL 13 Griffen
Saturday       8:50      Ladies 2018 Kuhn              vs      Sand Storm                     FL 10 FH USA
Sunday          9:10      Ladies 2015 MacKay        vs      Memphis Tri-State          FL 5 FH USA
Sunday          10:20    Katy Rebels HS Goss       vs      Ladies 2016 Sibley           FL 7 FH USA
Sunday          10:20    Ladies 2018 Kuhn              vs     TXE Elite McKinney        FL 30 AHS
Sunday          12:40    Crossover Elite                   vs     Ladies 2016 Sibley           FL 3 FH USA

Saturday, April 12, 2014


It Begins! The 2014 Edition of Livingston Ladies Basketball begins today with 4 of the 7 Ladies teams are hitting the floor this weekend. The Ladies 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teams  are playing in the Strawberry Shoot out in Hammond, while a mix of the 9th and 10th grade teams are playing Sunday in a 3 Game Round Robin in preparation for their upcoming trip to Frisco Texas for the Heart of Texas Showcase later this month. See below for Game schedules and come support the Ladies.

Strawberry Shoot Out Schedule Saturday April 12, 2014- Hammond La.

Ladies (McMorris)
North Shore Hurricanes (6)
Hammond Rec Gym 1

Ladies (Kuhn)
Baton Rouge Elite (8)
Hammond Rec Gym 2

Ladies (McMorris)
Houma Hornets (6)
Hammond Rec Gym 1

Ladies (Martin)
North Shore Hurricanes (7)
Hammond Rec Gym 1

Ladies (Kuhn)
Baton Rouge Tigers (8)
Hammond Rec Gym 2

Ladies (Martin)
Dominos (7)
Hammond Jr High

Sunday April 13, 2014 at Westside Jr HS in Walker

Ladies (Sibley/Brown)
Baton Rouge Jumpers

Northshore Titans
Baton Rouge Jumpers

Ladies (Sibley/Brown)
Northshore Titans

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boot Camp!



Session I- 8:30-10:00
Break 10:00-10:30
Session II- 10:30-12:00
Lunch 12:00-1:30
Session III-1:30-300
Break 3:00-3:30
Session IV-3:30-5:00

Friday, February 28, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The Livingston Ladies Annual try out dates have been set and now is the most exciting time to join the Ladies. We are in the midst of great things and growth. This past year the Ladies played in over 100 games in 18 tournaments,  between 4 teams, traveling to 3 different states- Texas, Alabama, and Florida. We play in both AAU and National Showcase Events. Eight Players received scholarships this year, with 5 more being recruited. If you, a friend or you're daughter is interested in trying out for this years teams follow the link. We hope to see you there.      For try out info click here

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Ladies are Making a Difference

37 Livingston Ladies on BR area Top 10 Teams
There are other programs in the area, but “the proof is in the pudding”. We are making a difference.
Here is the Baton Rouge Area Top 10 for Girls Basketball according to the Morning Advocate news. What’s neat about this list is that there are 17 teams mentioned- 10 of them Have Livingston Ladies players Including the Top 5 Teams-
1. Denham Springs (21-2): Yellow Jackets and No. 2 Walker meet again this week in District 4-5A. Lady Jackets Have 3
2. Walker (23-3): Wildcats host rubber match with No. 1 DSHS this week.
Lady Wildcats 9
3. University (20-6): The Cubs haven’t missed a beat since moving up to Class 3A.
Lady Cubs 1
4. Albany (21-5): Hornets are unbeaten in the always competitive District 8-3A race.
Lady Hornets 2
5. Doyle (16-5): Tigers’ lone District 7-2A loss is to defending state champ St. Thomas Aquinas. Lady Tigers 8
6. Redemptorist (18-6): Wolves didn’t play last week, but have been impressive to date.
7. St. Amant (18-5): Gators have been solid all season and are co-leaders in 5-5A.
8. St. Michael (15-12): Tough early schedule now paying dividends for 4A Warriors.
Lady Warriors 2
9. McKinley (15-4): Like St. Amant, the Panthers are unbeaten in District 5-5A.
10. (tie) Southern Lab (15-3): Kittens are unbeaten in District 6-1A.
Baker (19-6): Buffaloes have been solid in District 7-3A. Lady Buffs 1
Up next: Belaire, Zachary Lady Broncos 5, Parkview Baptist, Capitol, Dunham, Episcopal Lady Knights 3, Holden Lady Rockets 3.